NDMA – Cancer in China’s tap water?

NDMA Cancer in China's tap water?

Summary: We have received many inquiries lately about the water contaminant NDMA and whether it poses a health risk in filtered water. The answer is no, based on levels found in the recent studies, there is no significant cancer risk from NDMA in drinking even unfiltered tap water. Why is NDMA in the news recently? […]

Air Pollution causes low birth weight

Air pollution causes babies to be born smaller, according to a study of babies born just after the Beijing Olympics. The research surveyed the birth weights of 83,672 babies born in Beijing around the time of the 2008 Olympics, when the government closed down industry, raised vehicle emissions standards, stopped construction and introduced a license […]

No change or a cause for optimism? Chinese Pollution levels

Air pollution data from the Chinese government shows that more than 90% of 360 Chinese cities failed to meet national air quality standards during the first quarter of 2015 (According to a report by Greenpeace East Asia). However the report also announced that the level of fine pollutants was lower than the same period one […]

Blue Skies in Beijing? Beijing’s Crackdown on Dirty Fuels

It has recently been announced that China’s government is going to attempt to combat the issue of air pollution in Beijing with a reduction in the use of the amount of coal and other dirty fuels such as biomass and petroleum coke According to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau the districts of Dongcheng, Xicheng, […]

Killer Concrete

During the construction phase of the Beijing Olympics local development was booming far above levels seen today. To increase the production rates of construction sites the ingredients used in the concrete production where modified to speed up the setting process. To do this urea-based anti freeze was added to the concrete in large quantities. While […]

Office Air Clean-Up

Indoor office air quality can often be much worse than the outdoor air. If you are spending upwards of 8 hours a day in an office with poor air quality, you are potentially exposing yourself to a harmful level of pollution and increasing the risk of detrimental health effects. A recent example Environment Assured encountered […]

The Limescale Lie

Limescale is a commonly misconceived by-product of water filtration. The presence of Limescale in the environment surrounding the water filtration device and on other general appliances and fittings suggests that the device is functioning effectively. It also demonstrates that not only is the filtration unit removing the harmful contaminants, but leaves the healthy minerals which […]

Saint Cyr on Clean Beijing Air

Environment Assured was recently mentioned in an article posted by U.S. board certified family doctor, Richard Saint Cyr on MyhealthBeijing.com. Saint Cyr is the Group Director of Clinical Marketing and Communications for the United Family Hospital. He writes health columns for the New York Times China Edition as well as columns in Beijing Kids Magazine […]