A Breath of Fresh…what?

Beijing’s air is known for its dense blanket of smog that smothers the city day in and day out with few exceptions. Now, more than ever, it is important to be aware of the air you are breathing, indoors and outside.

It is easy to find out what the air quality is like outdoors, via a smartphone app, the internet, or just looking out your window. However, knowing the air quality inside of your home is another story.

Using a high-quality and effective air filter is the first step to ensuring safe and healthy air quality in your home. But it does not end there; your air filter is a combination of effective engineering and intricate technology. No matter the air filter you choose to use, it will need regular maintenance. Most consulting and distribution companies in the greater Beijing area will gladly sell you their product and ensure you that your home is now clean and healthy. What these companies often fail to tell their customers is the regular upkeep these machines require. The maintenance process is quick and simple with a rewarding result of clean, healthy air.

Environment Assured has had several clients with recurring problems with unmaintained air filter machines. One instance was with a customer living in the Embassy House in Dongzhimen who had recently had a well-known indoor environmental consultant come to test the effectiveness of their air filter and was left with no verdict and no solution to their air filter problem. When EA consulted the same customer soon after, it was discovered that the air filter was not properly maintained.

Air filter cartridge from the Embassy House customer that was "previously examined" was a major environmental consulting company in Beijing
Air filter cartridge from the Embassy House customer that was “previously examined” was a major environmental consulting company in Beijing

Shown above is the air filter machine from the Embassy House apartment. A machine that had been recently purchased but failed to be maintained. The evidence of thick dust and particles demonstrates the importance of regular upkeep for air filter machines. Fortunately, it is easy to clean and maintain your air filter machines.

In order to guarantee safe and healthy air in your home, most machines should be cleaned weekly. Yes, WEEKLY. Cleaning your machine is relatively quick and simple, but differs from machine to machine. Environment Assured includes a detailed description of how to clean your own filter in our home testing services.


It’s that simple. A quick and painless 5 minutes of your day to ensure that you and your family are breathing clean and healthy air in your home.

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