3rd Beijing Environmental and Healthy Lifestyle Fair

Environment Assured made an appearance this past Saturday at the FC Group-hosted 3rd semiannual Beijing Environmental and Healthy Lifestyle Fair at the Hilton Beijing in the Chaoyang District.  The Hilton Beijing offered a modern and professional atmosphere in a central location that allowed for a impressive event turn-out.

Beijing Fair

The fair began at 10:00 with several dozen companies; ranging anywhere from homemade organic beauty products like Nu Skin (http://china.nuskin.com), to air and water filter like Airgle (http://www.raylient.com/product-category/air/air-filter-systems/) and Aquasana (http://www.aquasana-china.com/) companies.  There was also a raffle drawing in the afternoon where companies donated products and services to be raffled off to anyone who submitted a business card.  Prizes donated ranged from free teeth cleanings from U-dental to organic cold pressed juice by VCLEANSE(.  The event provided a professional and relaxed atmosphere that allowed locals to see a wide variety of environmentally aware companies in the Beijing area.

Environment Assured’s founder, Charlie Thomson, and three consultants attended the event to educate attendees on proper air and water standards in China.  We debuted our newest testing equipment from the U.S. to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Airgle AG800 air filter model that was on display at the Environment Assured booth.  Many event attendees concerned with the air and water quality of their home, visited the EA booth to inquire about consultations and remediation for their home and work spaces.

The 3rd Beijing Environmental and Healthy Lifestyle event was a major success for Environment Assured and for the FC Group as a whole.  The wide variety of locals who attended gave EA the opportunity to display the range of tests available for homes, schools, and the workplace.




For more information about the success of the event and a list of all attending companies, visit http://fcgroup.org/sat-june-7-the-3rd-beijing-environment-and-healthy-lifestyle-fair/

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