Are you new to China and need help understanding what to do about the poor air quality? Here at Environment Assured we can help you with your adjustment process. We can provide you with all the services you need to live in a safe and healthy indoor environment. We know how to take care of your house and of your family and how to meet your needs in terms of:

  • Air filtration system; EA can test your house’s air quality and suggest the best solutions
  • Water filtration system; we are experts in water topics
  • Information about international standards; EA is the only one that use international standards for indoor air quality
  • Information about water pollutants;
  • Information about air pollutants;
  • All the things regarding health and safe indoor environment.



You don’t need to worry about China’s environment, we can make yours the most safe and healthy one. New arrivals will receive a discount for residential air testing.

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EPA – Basic information about IAQ

WHO – Water treatment and pathogen control



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