AHU Upgrade

Design, installation & upgrade for air handling units

Air handling units (AHUs) and centralized air systems are the most common approach to treating air for large indoor spaces. However, indoor air quality levels frequently come nowhere close to safe targets despite the large investment into these systems.

Key performance-reducing issues typically include: leakage of polluted outdoor air around filters, poor quality filtration, weak fans, and ducting design that chokes system airflow to a fraction of what it should be.

In some cases, existing AHUs can be modified to boost air pollution reduction performance, increase airflow, or even transform the entire indoor environment into a consistently near-zero positive pressure space.

EA can also design and install systems that supply air well-within international air quality guidelines, with additional COVID-19 control available.

AHU Upgrade Services

  • System audit to identify target areas of improvement for air quality and airflow.
  • New systems design and installation.
  • Existing system modification for PM2.5 filtration or positive pressure.
  • Large scale air treatment for sports halls, pools, auditoriums.

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