About Us

Environment Assured creates safe and healthy indoor environments

We stand alone as the only company in Asia working to ensure that your indoor environment meets the most stringent international evidence-based standards​

Offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Bangkok​

Major projects throughout Mainland China, Hong Kong and Thailand 

Leading Real Change

Environment Assured’s innovative approach to air and water quality is proven by our leading the way in making real change in the industry. ​

Our focus on results pushes us to re-think and re-invent industry solutions so that we can achieve unsurpassed outcomes, with an uncompromising commitment to our clients’ health and safety.

A History of Innovation

First to use health-based air quality standards (WHO and current evidence-based standards) .

• First to recognize the serious health risks of commonly-used unsealed air filtration systems.​ 

• First corporate member of the International Air Quality Association in Greater China.​ 

• First and still the only company to do leak detection and sealing to meet proper air quality targets.​ 

• First company to develop and utilize CleanFlow positive pressure systems to consistently control PM2.5 to near zero levels without CO2 and chemical buildup and no need for leak sealing or additional ventilation (Nord Anglia and Ivy Bilingual groups, multiple embassies in China).​ 

• First company to set and consistently reach air quality standards in schools in Thailand (Cognita group, St. Andrew Samakee, International School of Bangkok)​ .

• First company to offer air monitoring with multiple brands (Laseregg / Kaiterra, IQAir/AirVisual, TSI, Greywolf, ParticlesPlus) and data platforms (gams, Kaiterra, EA).​ 

• First company to develop water filters specifically for Chinese water conditions (Aquasana) winning bid of over 25,000 units to the HK government. 

Why Choose EA?

Experience with creating safer, healthier schools​, embassies, commercial and residential spaces

Focus on better learning, better teaching​, higher productivity and healthier living

Solutions for a wide variety of building structures ​

Help with selecting new equipment ​

Options for upgrading existing equipment​

True value in controlling long-term maintenance and equipment management costs

Decisions based on data​

Provable results

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