CleanFlow Commercial

Positive pressure air filtration, monitoring, reporting and alert service for commercial spaces.

Near-zero PM2.5

Contractually obligated performance guarantee to reach the most rigorous PM2.5 air quality guideline (< 10 µg/m3 World Health Organization Air Quality Guideline).

Prevent build-up of carbon dioxide

Control of carbon dioxide to levels (< 1000 ppm) shown to improve occupant productivity and comfort.

Reduce COVID-19 transmission

Ventilation with hospital grade (>99.95% 0.3-micron reduction) fresh filtered air to reduce risk of COVID-19 virus transmission, as per WHO and US CDC guidelines.

What is CleanFlow Positive Pressure?

EA CleanFlow positive pressure systems operate by drawing outdoor air, filtering out pollutants, then pushing the clean air into the indoor space at a slow constant rate — much like filling up a balloon. The clean air constantly displaces the old air (and carbon dioxide, chemicals, odors, etc.) outwards, so that air is constantly refreshed and dirty outdoor air cannot leak into the space via door, window and structural gaps.

By default, all CleanFlow systems use H13 grade filtration with cartridges individually tested for a certified performance of over 99.95% removal of particulates (EN1822:2009 standard). This is already beyond standard hospital requirements, but additional further upgrades are possible to surgical-suite grade cartridges with 99.9995% removal of 0.12-micron particle size (with the ability to capture both smaller and large sizes). 

CleanFlow installations offer the following benefits:

  • Typically controls PM2.5 to near-zero levels, difficult to achieve with traditional stand-alone recirculating purification systems.
  • Allows for compliance with WHO, US CDC, ASHRAE, REHVA, and other authoritative guidelines for COVID-19 virus response in built environments.
  • Automated operations mean that staff don’t need to turn on and off or adjust running speed.
  • Near silent, for seamless integration with working environments.
  • Flexible within ceiling, suspended or free-standing installation options.
  • Reduced complexity, higher reliability, and lower installation cost compared to centralized ducted purification systems. 
  • The best way to keep carbon dioxide levels low. This is associated with better cognitive functioning, less sick days, and improved test scores
  • Reduces nuisance odor and toxic chemical buildup, as the old air is always flushed outwards.
  • Purification is separated from air conditioning so positive pressure can be exactly controlled to required air volumes, minimizing AC workload while allowing for independent control of temperature for energy savings and occupant comfort. This results in energy cost savings.
  • All systems include DataFlow air quality monitoring service, to constantly check PM2.5, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity and generate displays, reports and alerts.
  • Filters and filter change services, and unlimited on-site service to resolve issues that affect the normal functioning of the systems.

Experienced and professional project management

Commercial installations at international schools, kindergartens, gymnasiums, swimming pools, offices and diplomatic missions across China and Thailand.

Performance Guarantee

EA CleanFlow systems have a contracted acceptance criterion of PM2.5 < 10 µg/m3 measured in-room, and an ongoing guaranteed removal rate of PM2.5 < 10 µg/m3 measured at machine output.

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