Find replacement filters for all brands of air purifiers

EA offers the following air filter replacement services:

  • Replacement filters for IQAir, Blueair, AirProce, Airgle, Alen, Honeywell, Austin, Philips and more
  • Upgraded quality and custom sized filters
  • Filter delivery and installation
  • Filter replacement reminders

When should filters be changed?

Many air purifiers come equipped with filter use tracking, indicator lights or mobile filter change alerts. However, especially in polluted environments, relying on these indicators won’t tell you when the filters actually need to be changed. Manufacturer indicators are based on fan speed, hours of use, and a given level of pollution. If air purifiers operate in higher pollution environments than what manufacturers have based their estimates upon, filters will need to be changed faster than what the indicator tells you. Operating purifiers with dirty filters creates issues such as secondary pollution, reduced room coverage, and/or deteriorated indoor air quality. For machines in low pollution environments, filter life may actually be longer than indicated, and users may be spending more on filters than what’s needed.

When deciding if filters need to be changed, it’s always best to check for the following things:

  • Reduced machine airflow
  • Increased fan noise
  • Buildup of visible particles on filters
  • Filter coloration (white=clean, dark grey=dirty)
  • High PM2.5 in the machine’s filtered air

If you need help checking whether your filters are due for a change, you’re always welcome to contact us.

Helpful tip: to extend filter life and spend less on filters, regularly clean large particles off of pre-filters every 2-4 weeks. For mesh pre-filters use warm water and soap, for other types gently vacuum without excess force or tearing. Do not vacuum HEPA filters.

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