Water Softening

Chemical and salt-free systems to soften your water and prevent limescale buildup.

Unlike traditional softeners that replace healthy minerals (usually calcium carbonate and potassium) with salt, Environment Assured recommends anti-scale systems for avoiding corrosion and limescale buildup. These systems are a healthier alternative: no salt is added to the drinking water and the system preserves the naturally occurring balance of minerals.

Anti-scale systems offer a variety of benefits:

  • No chemical demineralization
  • No added salts or chemicals
  • Prevent scale, staining and spots
  • Reduce existing limescale buildup
  • Extend the life of plumbing and expensive appliances
  • No electricity or drainage for wastewater needed
  • No separate plumbing lines to separate salted water from drinking water

Anti-scale systems are installed directly after the main water filtration tanks — and can supply softened water to multiple appliances at once without losing pressure.

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Featured Product: Aquasana SimplySoft

Innovative salt-free softening technology, independently tested to reduce scale by 99.6%.

Better than just a softener. It won’t demineralize your water by chemically removing minerals from the water, nor will it add excess salt waste or chemicals into the water or our environment.

No more scale, staining and spots. Reducing the effects of hard minerals helps eliminate residue from dishwater, shower water and washing machine cycles: protecting your tableware, faucets, shower stalls, clothing and more.

Protect your home. Reducing the adverse affects of excess scale extends the life span of your plumbing and appliances and can even help reduce the existing buildup.

Low maintenance, easy installation. Simplysoft doesn’t require storing and handling heavy bags of salt to refill the system, nor does it require electricity, waste-water drainage or separate plumbing for the salted water.

Compatible with warm and hot water. Many other softeners are designed to only be used is certain temperature ranges. For example, the BWT user manual states “If the softened water is intended for human consumption as defined in the German Drinking Water Ordinance, the ambient temperature must not exceed 25°C.”

Product Overview:

Superior TAC (template-assisted crystallization) technology makes minerals stick together to avoid scale buildup on pipes and equipment such as water heaters and coffee makers. TAC technology outperforms all other anti-scale technologies with 99% removal of scale at 80 degrees Celsius, and 97% removal at 60 degrees Celsius, compared to untreated water. The natural mineral balance of the water is preserved, with no salt or chemicals added.

Product Specifications

Product Height: 46″ / 117 cm
Main Tank Diameter: 9″ / 22.86 cm
Product Weight: 40 lbs / 18 kg
Max Flow Rate: 7 gallons per minute / 26.5 liters per minute
Rated capacity: 6 years

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