Air Purifier Sales

Air Purifiers for sale from a wide selection of well-known brands

We sell air purifiers from most major brands including IQAir, Blueair, AirProce, Airgle, Alen, Honeywell, Austin, Philips, MayAir, Oxyvital and most Japanese and Chinese brands. Purchase includes delivery, filter setup, after-sales service, filter change tracking, and backup service purifiers if machines ever need to be removed for maintenance.

Free trials are available for our top two performing air purifiers: AirProce and Airgle. Try one today to see the difference they make to your air.

Featured Brand: AirProce

EA’s top performing purifier, extremely effective and quiet.

Like IQAir, AirProce produces completely purified air, but with less noise, a greater air output, and at a significantly lower running cost.

  • High airflow, low noise
  • Less expensive, better performing than Blueair & IQAir
  • 99.99% PM2.5 removal
  • Built-in air quality monitoring
  • Remote operation & monitoring
  • Filter change tracking
  • Sealed machine = no dangerous secondary pollution

Hospital-grade filtration

> 99.99%

Filtration Efficiency


Secondary Pollution

5 kg

Carbon Media

5 m3

HEPA Media



AI-600 Model

H13 HEPA Filtration

Hospital-grade filtration removes 99.99% of PM2.5 and smaller particles. Also removes allergens and pet dander.

VOC Filtration

5kg of MULTI-MIX carbon filtration media traps formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic VOCs.


F7-grade pre-filtration protects the fan and other filters from performance-reducing dust clog.

Smart Control & Pollution Monitoring

Each AirProce machine is equipped with a sensor to monitor PM2.5, VOCs, temperature and humidity. For commercial applications, realtime data links to web-based admin dashboard for easy monitoring, machine control, reporting and alerts. For residential use, monitoring, machine control and alerts are available via a mobile app

For Schools and Commercial Spaces:

Save staff time, reduce filter changes and energy use and ensure proper machine operation via DataFlow admin dashboard control.

  • Built-in environmental sensors for evaluating air quality.
  • Web-based centralized fleet management, monitor and control all purifiers remotely.
  • Automated functions allow perfect running without staff interaction.
  • Automated reporting and alerts for staying on top of air quality
  • Integrate with outdoor air quality monitoring and outdoor activity alerts for safe indoor and outdoor activity.

Learn more about DataFlow >

For Residential Spaces:

Most people buy filters but then have no idea of the resulting effect on their indoor air. AirProce changes this with an extremely accurate built-in PM2.5 and TVOC monitor to display the indoor air quality at any time.

  • Smart-phone app allows users to see the air quality in their home, and to control the machine remotely.
  • Indoor air quality alert on the phone will allows users to remotely turn the AirProce up to a higher speed.
  • Filter use tracking without needing to manually open machines.
  • Set automatic on/off times so purifiers aren’t running and wasting filter life on keeping air clean in an empty home.

AirProce is a completely different way of understanding and achieving the goal of safe and healthy air. There is no guessing or wondering if the investment in clean air is actually producing clean air.

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