Safe and healthy indoor environments for better learning

Environment Assured helps schools create and maintain healthy indoor learning environments that are better spaces for learning. Our focus on results pushes us to rethink and reinvent new ways to achieve unsurpassed outcomes, with an uncompromising commitment to our clients’ health and safety. We offer innovative solutions that allow for compliance with the leading international standards.

We stand alone as the only company in Asia working to ensure that your indoor environment meets the most stringent international evidence-based air quality standards (minimum WHO < 10 µg/m3 PM2.5).

Poor indoor environmental quality, such as PM2.5 levels above 10 µg/m3 can affect the comfort and health of students and staff — with studies showing reduced school attendance, concentration, and academic performance. Poor indoor air quality also puts students and staff at an increased risk of short-term health problems, such as fatigue and nausea, as well as long-term problems like asthma.

Environment Assured has helped international schools, kindergartens, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools and other educational spaces across China and Thailand achieve near-zero air and safe healthy drinking water.

Air – What We Can Do For You

PM2.5 – consistently reach indoor air quality targets using new or existing equipment

Chemical – control post-renovation contaminants, teaching supplies, laboratories

CO2 – improved test scores, alertness, odor reduction

Humidity – mold prevention, comfort, more efficient AC

Microbes – control bacteria, viruses for less sick days

Outdoor air leakage – audits and controls needed to achieve PM2.5 targets consistently and gain energy savings

CleanFlow Positive Pressure Systems

Near-zero PM2.5 across classrooms, gyms, pools and other indoor spaces regardless of outdoor pollution levels. Contractually guaranteed PM2.5 and CO2 performance and reduced risk of COVID-19 virus transmission, as per WHO and US CDC guidelines. Near-silent operation, reliable automation.

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Indoor and Outdoor Pollution Monitoring, Reporting and Alerts

Ongoing monitoring, alerts and reporting are a critical part of ensuring safe indoor air. EA can help with every aspect of equipment selection and data analytics.

PM2.5, CO2, chemicals – for safety
Temperature, humidity – for comfort and energy savings
Motion sensors – for security
Outdoor air quality sensors and outdoor activity alerts

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Air Purifiers for Purchase and Lease

Many brands available, stand-alone or in-ceiling options. 99.97% PM2.5 removal HEPA filtration technology with built-in environmental sensors for evaluating air quality. Automated functions for perfect running without teacher or staff interaction.

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Air Purifier Filter Replacement Service

Replacement filters available for most major brands, with filter change tracking and replacement service. Custom designed filters for enhanced seal and performance.

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Upgrade Centralized Air Systems

New systems design and installation, existing system modification for PM2.5 filtration or positive pressure. Large scale air treatment for sports halls, pools and auditoriums.

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Air Testing

Assess current conditions or have 3rd– party verification of safe air after construction or renovation.

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Water – What We Can Do For You

Safe filtered drinking water – for cafeterias, commercial kitchens and cafes

Replace bottled coolers with filtered coolers – for cost savings, improved water quality, and less risk of bacteria and mold

Non-chemical disinfection systems – for reliable non-toxic microbial control

Water Filtration Systems

Safe and healthy water filtration from leading brands such as Aquasana, Selectro, 3M and Everpure. Products are properly selected for your use needs and local water conditions. High-flow water filtration systems available for cafeterias and school water supply.

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Filtered Water Dispenser Leasing

Bottled water coolers create unnecessary waste and can contain a variety of contaminants. Filtered water dispensers provide better quality water at lower cost and can go anywhere a bottled cooler sits.

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Water Disinfection

Reliable safe disinfection to prevent waterborne disease from Trojan Viqua non-chemical UV systems. Used by New York City, Beijing, Shanghai municipal water systems.

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Water Testing

Regular assessment of water conditions for drinking and cooking water, swimming pool water. Laboratory testing with Chinese government certified labs.

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