CleanFlow Residential

True Peace of Mind for your Indoor Air

The CleanFlow positive pressure air filtration system is the result of helping thousands of clients achieve safe and healthy air using traditional residential and commercial air purification. We were the first company in China to use the proper international standards for indoor PM2.5 targets.

We were also the first and still the only company to help clients achieve these air quality goals through the identification and control of pollution leakage points and proper use of air purifiers. Since then, we have helped embassies, corporations, schools, hospitals, and individuals achieve these safe standards for their own indoor air.

Controlling indoor PM2.5 to safe levels with purifiers creates problems:

  • identifying and sealing all leaks around the home
  • buying and maintaining air purifiers – at least one machine per room
  • noise and hassle from running air purifiers
  • the discomfort of high CO2 building up in the sealed space
  • the danger of buildup of chemical pollutants in the sealed space

When using air purifiers, the machines are also constantly fighting against the inward leakage of pollution (PM2.5) into the home. Especially when outdoor pollution becomes high, it’s difficult for the air purifiers to keep pace and indoor air reaches unsafe pollution levels.

CleanFlow, the true solution for excellent indoor air

EA CleanFlow positive pressure systems operate by drawing outdoor air, filtering out pollutants, then filling the home with clean air at a slow constant rate — much like filling up a balloon. The clean air constantly displaces the old air (and carbon dioxide, chemicals, odors, etc.) outwards, so that air is constantly refreshed and dirty outdoor air cannot leak into the space via door, window and structural gaps. We focus on engineered performance: one machine will take care of your whole home. Set it and forget it, always quiet, always perfectly clean air.

Even with outdoor PM2.5 at over 110 µg/m3 (see the outdoor levels on the AirVisual display), indoor levels remain close to zero.

By default, all CleanFlow systems use H13 grade filtration with cartridges individually tested for a certified performance of over 99.95% removal of particulates (EN1822:2009 standard). This is already beyond standard hospital requirements, but additional further upgrades are possible to surgical-suite grade cartridges with 99.9995% removal of 0.12-micron particle size (with the ability to capture both smaller and large sizes). 

During the Spring 2018 Beijing sandstorms, with outdoor AQI at over 2000, CleanFlow homes remained perfectly pollution free (PM2.5 at 1.0 µg/m3) and safely ventilated (CO2 at an excellent 665 ppm).

EA CleanFlow Service

EA CleanFlow service is a convenient all-in-one solution that includes all equipment, filter changes, delivery, installation and service visits. If the equipment ever needs repair then we will have the unit repaired or replaced within 24 hours. We also include a professional-grade air quality monitor so that you can see that your air quality is actually achieving the planned targets.

EA CleanFlow Service

  • Near-zero PM2.5
  • Reduces CO2 = alert, refreshed
  • One machine for the whole home
  • Flushes out formaldehyde and chemicals
  • Never need to adjust run speed
  • All filter changes included
  • Air quality monitoring included
  • All maintenance included
  • 24 hour troubleshooting support
  • Free repair and servicing

Traditional Air Purifiers

  • PM2.5 high on bad air days
  • Sealing increases CO2 = tired, unproductive
  • At least one machine per room = cost, noise, space
  • Unable to efficiently lower chemicals
  • Always need to check, adjust run speeds
  • Remember to purchase and change filters yourself
  • No monitoring included
  • Learn to self maintain purifiers
  • No support for poor air quality
  • Short warranty, difficult repair process

Free two week CleanFlow trial

CleanFlow is developed from real-life experience, solving real-life problems. Instead of wondering if or how it works, we invite you to try the system for yourself. We can install a system in your home for a free two week trial – air monitoring included.

Contact us with questions or to arrange a free trial at your home.