The Limescale Lie

Limescale is a commonly misconceived by-product of water filtration. The presence of Limescale in the environment surrounding the water filtration device and on other general appliances and fittings suggests that the device is functioning effectively. It also demonstrates that not only is the filtration unit removing the harmful contaminants, but leaves the healthy minerals which facilitate the white, powdery appearance of Limescale. This entails multiple health benefits to the water in both your home and workplace through the addition of an assortment of positive minerals, including Calcium, which helps strengthen bone health.

Another common misconception is the belief that bottled waters such as mineral and distilled water are of particular health benefit to you or your family. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a range of 250 – 500ppm totally dissolved solids (TDS), for drinking water. These totally dissolved solids are the title given to the minerals left within the water. “Mineral Water” contains only 50 – 100 totally dissolved solids and distilled water contains absolutely none of the beneficial minerals that are contained in normal drinking water, therefore giving it a total dissolved solids count of 0.

This begs the question, why purchase bottled water? Bottled water only contains one serving of inadequate, mineral deficient drinking water, yet a healthier, more cost effective measure is available. Due to the naturally high occurrence of minerals within Beijing’s water, filtration is the obvious choice when choosing how to provide safe drinking water for you and your family. Not only does it effectively remove the contaminants out of water it ensures the positive minerals are left in the water for the benefit of you the consumer.

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