Office Air Clean-Up

Indoor office air quality can often be much worse than the outdoor air. If you are spending upwards of 8 hours a day in an office with poor air quality, you are potentially exposing yourself to a harmful level of pollution and increasing the risk of detrimental health effects.

A recent example Environment Assured encountered dealt with a high rise office that had several negative attributes contributing to their office air quality.

In this office there was outdoor air entering through the air conditioning system, this was causing the filter within the system to clog and disperse harmful air throughout the office. Unsealed doors and windows also allowed the polluted outdoor air to seep into the office environment, further degrading the quality of the air within the office.

There are many potential factors that can impact heavily on the air quality of any office, even ones with a powerful air filter.
Polluted air can enter an office through any unsealed openings, such as windows, bathroom vents, doors, and even air conditioning piping.

Environment Assured offers a conclusive Office Air Clean-Up Service using top-of-the-line testing equipment from the United States to test the current air quality of your office and determine where polluted air may be entering. It is essential to fix these problems in order to ensure the safety of any one entering the office environment. 

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