How does your home shape up?

Since the majority of your time is spent indoors, the pollution inside your house is of greater concern to you and your family than the pollution in the outer environment. But how would your home shape up if an environmental audit were to be conducted. There are many areas and items of the house that can be addressed and in most cases there are improvements that can be made to ensure the living space and environment of your home is the best it possibly can be.

With professional guidance it is now possible to assess every aspect of the living environment. This includes the standard pollutant levels as seen in the outer environment such as PM2.5 but also includes other pollutants that are more prevalent in contained spaces such as your home. These include carcinogenic pollutants such as VOCs, benzene and formaldehyde.

Other potential areas for testing include any recent renovations. As builders may cut corners in an effort to save time and money, any home renovations carried out may have been done using inferior products such as paints, drywall and varnishes. Even when using certified environmentally friendly materials such as floorings or wallpapers, unless you have personally monitored the installation, we often Similarly, cheaper furniture products, in particular ones made of particleboard, emit VOCs for many years. Thirdly the exhaust released from the vacuum cleaner can be a significant source of particulate pollution. with such varying performances in vacuum cleaners it is difficult to generalize but the use of a HEPA vacuum will certainly improve the condition of your home.

To get an accurate assessment of your home’s indoor environment, contact us today at We have several affordable and comprehensive testing packages to accurately inform you of your home’s indoor environmental quality and help you take simple and effective steps for improvement.

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