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Environment Assured is the only company in the China market focused on setting proper evidence-based air quality targets and working to achieve those targets in residential and commercial indoor environments.

Whether with new construction or your existing facility, we help you to not only meet the legislated requirements but to create safe, healthy spaces to live, work, and thrive. Many Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) guidelines are historically based on maximum allowable safety exposures for short time-frames in occupational settings, such as factories. Most guidelines are not looking at long-term exposure risk that comes from living in a certain environment constantly for months or years. However the reality is that controlling long-term exposures is a critical component of ensuring our vitality and limiting disease risk. For example, while it is understood what IAQ target levels are needed for regulating factories we consider what air quality levels are ideal for optimum health and productivity. While constructing our air quality standards we have asked questions such as:

What about the demonstrated negative impact of moderate levels of carbon dioxide on productivity and cognitive ability in offices and classrooms?

Has anyone measured your family’s bedrooms to control the ongoing nightly exposure to  PM2.5, TVOC, or formaldehyde during sleeping hours?

What does the latest research show for making the best possible environment for babies  growing up in their early years?

In this case we know that the IAQ standards that apply to a factory or parking garage are not the right standards for a home where a baby or pregnant mother continually spend the most important months and years of growth and development.

This is where Environment Assured can help.

While we can help you achieve any particular Chinese or International Air quality guidelines, our unique focus is on creating not just safe but also vital environments that increase productivity, comfort and overall health. For more information about us:
Expertise And Experience
Environment Assured’s unique strength lies in the experience of our experts, at the top of their respective fields, particularly regarding the specific Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues found in the Greater China area. Our unrivaled team includes medical and air quality experts responsible for epidemic control and air treatment in Hong Kong’s hospitals during the SARS epidemic. Lab testing partners include the foremost international IAQ sample testing labs, allowing for reliable analysis and decision-making data. Building experts include the former heads of leading construction firms Gammon and AsiaBuild, with decades of experience in the design, construction, and management of commercial projects with a total value of over US$2 billion. We are the only company in the Greater China Area to have this wealth of experience. We make sure your projects are done right, the first time.
Bring Global Standards To Your Projects
The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) is the leading organization providing uniform standards, procedures and protocols in the Indoor Air Quality industry. Environment Assured brings this expertise to your projects, as we are the only certified IAQA corporate member in the Greater China Area. Professional agreements between IAQA and ASHRAE, LEED, NADCA and other leading associations allow your projects to meet international standard requirements and link in with your other corporate initiatives.
Go Beyond Safe -> To Healthy
We give you the option to not just settle for local minimal requirements, but to take your indoor environment to the latest international health standards, often for minimal increase in project cost. We choose standards that are evidence based and backed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to produce air that is truly safe, that is, protected from and not exposing occupants to danger or risk. But we also allow you to go beyond that, creating an environment that is truly healthy – ideal CO2, lighting, and other factors that have been proven to increase occupant satisfaction and productivity. We offer low-cost certification and ongoing monitoring that shows shareholders the numbers and results. This is critical not only for the well-being of existing occupants, but to provide a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining new talent.
We Know Products
Testing experience alone helps little to create solutions. We specialize in creating solutions. On the product side we have years of experience with the major residential and commercial air treatment products. We know the capabilities, advantages and faults of almost all systems, particularly with how they perform with the extreme challenges of local air quality. Unlike other companies, we do not hesitate to provide an unvarnished and critical look at the products on the market and their real-world performance and weaknesses. We will fully inform you of the significant risk of technologies that have been banned or restricted in the US or EU but are now surging in the China market.
Separate Consulting And Solutions
Most consultants in the China market claim to be brand-neutral but will only provide solution designs that force the customer to purchase high-cost, low-value products from the consultant. Unlike other IAQ consultants, we will not lock you into our solutions. We give you the proper technical specifications to allow you to properly bid for your own solutions if you prefer. We take into account the hidden costs that other consultants overlook, to help you achieve your goals, on budget.
Make The Most Of What You Have
Most air filtration units run unmaintained, a waste of valuable resources. In worst cases, unmaintained machines create toxic output that is a major source of indoor air pollution. We help you make the most of your investments by providing high-value maintenance contracts including regular servicing, scheduled filter changes, and machine performance checks.
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