PM2.5 Testing

Want to know what’s in your air?

PM2.5 is the most prevalent and serious pollutant found in China’s smog. Whether you’re a school, embassy, business or just concerned about the PM2.5 in your apartment, we can help.

With PM2.5 Testing, you can:

  • Learn about what standards to use
  • Assess your air quality;
  • Identify pollution sources such as leaking windows, doors and AC systems;
  • Evaluate the performance of your current air filtration systems;
  • Take optional repair steps to reach health based standards.

Contact us to arrange PM2.5 testing today.

Residential testing Commercial testing

Trusted Results: We only use US-imported and calibrated equipment because locally made is just not accurate.

Health Based Standards: Choose the only company in China that uses the proper standards to reduce mortality and disease risk from pollution. 

We Do Solutions, Not Problems: After testing, we summarize the results and then custom design action steps to bring your indoor air up to standard.

Pollution Repairs: It’s tough to find people who actually do repairs and not just testing. Talk to us after the testing and we’ll schedule repair specialists who can make your recommendations a reality.