Scientists around the world have shown that indoor air, whether at home, office or other commercial buildings can be more polluted than outdoor air. Research has also shown that people spend approximately 90% of the time indoors, thus we are more vulnerable to health risks concerning air pollution whilst being indoors rather than outside.

Poor air quality is a serious issue affecting us all! And at its worst toxic air can kill. Exposure to even low levels of polluted air might bring some adverse health risks and symptoms including: irritation, chest tightness, and shortness of breath, coughing, unusual fatigue, nausea, weakness and confusion, among others.

Fortunately, indoor air quality can be tested and adverse risk can be minimized by implementing the adequate procedures and technology, which attain the correct air safety quality guidelines.

Types of free indoor air quality testing:

There are some free home examinations which you can carry out yourself by purchasing an indoor air quality test kit. However, these kits can’t test for all the pollutants that might be present in your home and they won’t interpret the results for you or advise you how to manage the problem.

Some air filter companies offer as part of their service free home testing. Although this might seem good value for money at the time it might be even more expensive for you to go with them as:

  • Their machines are often uncalibrated, thus giving unreliable and misleading results. The companies offering this service will commonly only test one of the rooms in your home, giving you a misrepresentation of the results and the problem and severity of the indoor air quality you really have.
  • The use of inaccurate and wrong machines testing for the incorrect pollutants, will lead to the purchase of inadequate products.
  • Companies offering free indoor air quality tests will often tie you to purchase their products as a ‘solution for your problem’; their products might not be suitable for your own air quality issue at hand and can even make it worse!
  • These companies do not adhere to the right quality standards.
  • Tests aren’t tailored made, thus advice on how to proceed will be wrong.

At Environment Assured we worry not only about what is safe, but about your health. We work to build you the best possible indoor environment, to do so we work with the finest American technology, specialized for Chinese air pollutants. Our indoor air quality tests are rigorous, we test for what really matters to ensure a safe environment and we test all the different areas in your property.
Environment Assured is the only testing company in China which follows and adheres to the correct international standards established by WHO (World Health Organisation).
After testing our individual reports we give you advice on the best follow-up path to get your house to a safe and healthy indoor environment.

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