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We offer air and water testing services for residences, commercial spaces of any size, warehouses, and medical facilities. For each of these types of environments we offer a spectrum of testing options to meet your specific needs. For example, a newly renovated home will need different testing services to ensure health than an existing home with a baby on the way. Details about our general standards and methods are below, but we encourage you to Contact us directly to determine what type of testing fits your unique needs and budget.


Facts and Myths about Free Indoor Air Test

Free indoor air tests are sometimes too good to be true. Learn more about why you shouldn’t take a free indoor air test?

Our Standards

We choose indoor air quality and water quality standards that are evidence based and backed by the WHO to produce air that is truly safe, that is, protected from and not exposing occupants to danger or risk


The Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) is the leading organization providing uniform standards, procedures and protocols in the Indoor Air Quality industry. Environment Assured brings this expertise to your projects, as we are the only certified IAQA corporate member in the Greater China Area. Professional agreements between IAQA and ASHRAE, LEED, NADCA and other leading associations allow your projects to meet international standard requirements and link in with your other corporate initiatives.

Many Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) guidelines are historically based on maximum allowable safety exposures for short time frames in occupational setting such as factories. Most guidelines are not created for long term exposure risk that comes from living in a certain environment constantly for months or years. The reality is that controlling long term exposure risks is a critical component of ensuring out vitality and lowering change of sickness.

For example, the focus is placed on regulating factories but not about the negative impact of moderate levels of carbon dioxide on productivity and cognitive ability in offices and classrooms. Has anyone measured your family’s bedrooms to control the ongoing nightly exposure to PM 2.5, TVOC, or formaldehyde during sleeping hours? What does the latest research show for making the best possible environment for babies growing up in their early years? In this case, we know that the IAQ standards that apply to a factory or parking garage are not the proper standards for a home where a baby or pregnant mother are continually spending their most important months and years of growth and development.

At Environment Assured, we want to help you create the best environment for yourself whether it is for your home, classroom, office, or warehouse. We can help you achieve any particular Chinese or international air quality guidelines. Our unique focus is creating not just a safe environment but also a vital environment that increase productivity, comfort, and overall health.


On the water side, we utilize our extensive experience in dealing with Chinese water purification to identify and test for issues that are both common to, and often unique to, Chinese water. We live up to the latest international health standards when it comes to water as well, also backed by the WHO standards. We offer low-cost certification and ongoing monitoring that shows shareholders the numbers and results. This is critical not only for the well-being of existing occupants, but to provide a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining new talent. Using our expertise and proper sampling procedures we choose the tests that make sense for your environment. We coordinate water testing with the top three water testing labs in China. We help with every step of the testing from the pre-test prep work to monitoring of the sampling and test process, to help with managing the test processing and report generation from the test lab. We also include analysis of the test results for no extra charge.

Our Methods

Unlike many environmental testing companies in China, we follow international guidelines and established scientific procedures in all of our testing methods.

In many cases we will use top of the line certified field instruments to conduct initial or basic testing of air and water quality. Importantly, our instruments are consistently calibrated to ensure the accuracy of our results.

Many times, the level of detail provided by field instruments is not enough to truly identify health risks and to design efficient solutions. In these cases our experienced technicians will gather air and/or water samples and then send them to our accredited laboratory partners in the United States for thorough and precise analysis.

Our environmental health experts will then work with you to ensure you understand your results, and to design a solution that will leave you with the best environment possible.

Please contact us to find out find out how we can help you test your home, office, school or other facility.

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