Why Test?

Testing the air and water quality of your indoor environment is essential in ensuring a safe and healthy living environment for you and your family. Environment Assured offer a range of full service residential inspections, tailored specifically to your individual situation to ensure the most appropriate recommendations. Environment Assured will ask all the necessary questions to guarantee the solution delivered offers the greatest improvement for your standard of living, without delivering unnecessary, redundant components to your total living system. To ensure continued health and well being for your family contact Environment Assured today to book an inspection.

The Environment Assured Difference

We test following the World Health Organization standards for indoor air. No other company in China tests using these standards and instead incorrectly uses various international standards for outdoor air.

Our testing is thorough. We conduct air quality testing in every room as opposed to most Chinese air quality companies that instead choose a few misleading “representative” rooms that produce incorrect results. By doing this a comprehensive air quality assessment is completed that avoids misleading results. Many testing companies in China take advantage of a lack of consumer knowledge and charge extravagant prices per square meter tested. On the contrary, we pride ourselves in creating greater consumer knowledge, and charging fair prices for our services.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to advise you towards tailored and effective solutions for any environmental issues identified in your testing. We stand behind our recommendations by offering service and maintenance packages for any filtration equipment you might already have, or that you have purchased to deal with identified environmental quality issues.

Our Testing options

Environment Assured offers three different kind of residential testing

  • Budget, this is the base variation
  • Premium Safety, this is the standard version
  • Healthy Premium, this is the top version.

In the chart below it’s shown what is include in each test option.

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