The complex hospital environment requires special attention to ensure healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) to protect patients and healthcare workers against hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections and occupational diseases. Even in a well-designed facility performance of current systems could decline over the time. Environment Assured can provide you performance monitoring and maintenance services to give you the base of information you need to detect and remedy such problems before they compromise air quality and health.

Main factors that affect the health and comfort in a hospital are:

  • Airborne particle sizes and numbers
  • The nature of airborne particles
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Pressure relationships
  • Surface temperatures

A consistent program to monitor and measure indoor air conditions serves to verify that targeted air quality conditions are being met; provide early warnings when conditions change, (so corrections can be made); and create evidence of sound management oversight.

LEED – LEED for healthcare

ASHRAE journal – Ventilation rates and health

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