Understanding Your Needs and the Differences Between Filters

The multitude of air filters brands and models can be overwhelming. A good place to start is limit your search to machines intended for use in China. Ones designed to deal with the minor air quality issues of Western countries simply will not work here. After that, there are several important factors to consider when deciding which air filter to purchase:

  • Cost of the air filtration system
  • Cost of replacement cartridges must also be taken into account. Many of the cheaper air filtration systems have higher than expected prices for replacement cartridges so be sure to check first.
  • Check how often filters must be replaced and factor this into your decison making (Environment Assured offers replacement filters for many popular air filter brands at a reduced cost, so be sure to consider all your options when determining the actual price of a machine).
  • Check that the air filtration system you’re considering has the capacity to filter the volume of air in question. Some air filters will have a manufacturer suggested room size. Others will have details on their maximum air flow rate or their air exchange rate. 5 air exchanges per hour is typically necessary for most homes. Consider that these figures on air flow and air exchange rates are based off of the machine running on its highest setting, which many customers consider too loud. With this in mind it is best to err on the side of purchasing a machine with greater capacity than is needed for the intended room.
  • Quality of air filter system and air filter cartridges. Sadly products made in China often lack the quality one would expect in a machine that has such a large impact on human health. Environment Assured has encountered many such machines, with defects ranging from annoying to out right dangerous. For this reason Environment Assured strongly recommends purchasing machines made in nations with more established quality control measures, such as the U.S. or the nations of the European Union. The distinction between “made in” and “designed in” is also important as many machines were designed in a foreign country with a good reputation for quality products, but were actually made in China and are thus plagued by the quality control issues that entails. If you do decide to purchase a machine made in China, we recommend that you have the filter evaluated by experts, like those at Environment Assured.
  • Buying a used air filtration system is also an option which is often underutilized. With so many foreigners coming and going in China, it is easy to find a relatively cheap machine from someone on their way out. These machines are often just fine, but their performance should definitely be evaluated. If performance is found to be lacking, the machine can often be refurbished to nearly good as new levels.

No matter what air filter you eventually decide on, consistent service and maintenance is key. Doing so will ensure the machine is working efficiently and that the air in your home or office is safe and healthy.


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