Various factors in China have contributed to serious air and water pollution issues that pose a serious risk to human health, safety and everyday wellbeing.

Outdoor, and often indoor air is not safe to breath. Similarly water from the tap is often not safe to drink. Filters that are widely used today to improve air and water quality often do not create the truly healthy environments we desire. This is where we can help!

Poor air and water quality are detrimental to to health and are drivers of disease worldwide. The World Heath Organisation possesses strong evidence that improving water and air quality will reduce the growth of disease and promote overall health improvements. This is based on expert evaluation of the latest scientific knowledge.

In order to achieve safe & healthy air and water it is vital to understand:
1) What constitutes ‘safe’ & ‘healthy’ air and water?
2) What contaminants contribute to the air and water pollution issues experienced in China?

Once these are understood appropriate technological solutions can be implemented to actually improve air and water quality in your environment.

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